Updated: Top 4 apps for Pattaya

There are a number of apps and online tools to help you get the most of your trip to Pattaya. Some websites will encourage you to install dodgy things on your phone. A little preparation beforehand can save you a lot of time and effort later when you arrive in Thailand.  You could install these at the airport using wifi but since most people have time before they travel to set up, it’s better to do it at home.

What’s LINE? Have LINE!

Get line here

You probably already have social media accounts. If you come to Pattaya, at a bare minimum you should have a LINE account set up. LINE is the most common and popular chat app in Thailand, even people aged 60+ use it because you can make free voice and video calls with it. It is similar to WhatsApp or any other instant messaging app like Kakaotalk or Wechat. Put a profile photo of yourself up and optionally a few photos on your timeline to show what an awesome person you are. A hand phrase to know is MEE LINE MAI? This literally means, have line no( as in, do you have line?) like in the old days how guys would ask a girl for her number. If she says no it’s not that she doesn’t have a phone, she just doesn’t like you. Five seconds later you will probably see her sending a message to her friends on LINE.

Set up a clean Facebook

If you have a facebook account you probably don’t want a bunch of bar girls on it so you should set up a separate fb ahead of time. there are guides on google on how to make a second facebook profile, it shouldn’t take too long if you plan ahead. Be aware that unlike you, ladies will have real photos of their family and kids on their fb. It might seem weird but that is how it works in Pattaya. The reason to have a fb is that some ladies will become suspicious if you have line but not fb. If you have a clean fb you come off as a good guy. Trust us, the experienced ladies have two or sometimes even three facebook accounts, if you want to play the game then know how it’s played.

Research dating sites

A popular site is Thaifriendly.com and if you sign up beforehand you can actually have some leads before you even set foot in Thailand. If they are a working lady then they will open the conversation with terms and conditions whereas ordinary ladies will start off with small talk or explicitly say in their profile they are not a bar girl. This doesn’t mean you can’t make them your holiday girlfriend in exchange for the right remuneration just that it might be harder than simply getting their line and telling them where your hotel is. You might even make a real connection with someone.

Thai friendly also has an Android and iOS app but there’s no reason not to use the mobile site.

Set up dating apps

In addition to the most famous of dating apps Tinder, and the thaifriendly app, in Thailand there is Beetalk, badoo and wechat that all have location-based matchmaking. There are ios and Android versions. Setting up a profile doesn’t take long and you can recycle your best photos and blurbs. Badoo charges a premium which isn’t really worth it, just find girls near you and send them a message, if they look at your profile and reply then you are good otherwise don’t bother wasting your money. It’s possible to find a lady to come to you without leaving your hotel room without touching your credit card. Badoo has a bad signal to noise ratio. There are lots of people on it but the level of engagement is low and you can send out dozens of messages and not get a response.  Tinder you will generally get a response when you match but the matches tend to be biased towards other foreigners as Tinder is more a Western dating app.


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