Pattaya is “empty”??? That’s low season for ya!

Every year after Songkran and to a lesser extent the Buddhist holiday of Visakha Puja, the Buddha’s birthday and a public holiday in Thailand on May 10th, social media will already buzz with complaints from some quarters about Pattaya being empty or a ghost town. On the Buddha’s birthday sales of alcohol are forbidden but even then, you can always find some small shops that will sell if you have forgotten to plan ahead. 

The transition to low season  happens every year and as “low season” starts and it can be confusing for new visitors, compared to the high season when every club is full and it can be hard to get a seat at busy times.  But that is the best part about low season, the big crowds are gone and you have more room to relax and enjoy yourself. Plus, it is easier to get attention and in some cases, mamasans and even staff will be eager to see customers. 

For example in the popular clubs of Walking Street such as Baccara, Sensations or Palace, it can be difficult to get a seat in high season or you may even be asked to wait. Now some customers have reported being asked to barfine straight away, before they have even received their drink order!! That is the benefit of low season, girls are more eager to be barfined and go with customers. Of course, a certain percentage go home to their village or hometown, but there are still many beautiful ladies to be found, whether you prefer LK Metro, Soi 6, walking street, beer bars or anywhere else in Pattaya.

Another possible advantage is that the seasonal workers who come just for the high season leave, but those who stay are more committed to the job, have more experience and generally know what is pleasing for the customer. This means you will more likely have a good time, because the lady will be more professional about attending to your needs.

Another complaint about the low season is the weather. This is always somewhat true, but in Pattaya, you will do as Thais do and sleep duing the day’s heat and wake up at night when it is a little cooler and you don’t get burnt by the sun. In fact you spend almost all of your time in the shade and cool of airconditioning.

The strong baht against major currencies may not help if you are budget conscious. Low season is the best time to go if you are looking to save money.  You can also find really good deals on other aspects of your travel such as flights and hotel accommodation as businesses compete for fewer customers. You can use this to your advantage, for example, ask if you can upgrade your room for free if the hotel is mostly empty. 

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