Cat fight breaks out on Walking Street [video]

last night in the early hours a fight reportedly broke out on Walking Street. This is not an uncommon occurence but this time it was filmed and police were in attendance. Police found  Kamalwan Lalala, 21 a gogo dancer with injuries including scratches to her arms and legs. the culprit had apparently made a run for it. the action is visible in the video. as you can see severeal women are involved and there is no quarter given with kicks being administered even when a woman is already fallen on the ground.

the exact causes of the attack are unknown with conflicting accounts being given. it appears that the elderly gentleman had been inside the venue for some time and then after security attempted to deal with the matter it spilt out into the street. many tourist bystanders witnessed the event with some filming on their phones.

the injured parties were provided with medical treatment at the scene with two people sent to nearby Banglamung hospital. Pattaya police called for backup by radio to attempt to apprehend those who fled the scene. 

We always advise foreigners visiting Walking Street and other parts of Pattaya to avoid confrontation and drink alcohol in moderation. as you can see in this video, it is quite possible that women will become involved in the fight and as a male it is not possible to retaliate. the consequences can be severe  with a night in jail followed by a court appearance possible. that is if you don’t end up in the hospital due to the fact that fights that start between two people quickly escalate with bystanders becoming involved to intervene on behalf of the aggrieved party. 

we have often witnessed tourist police volunteers standing by as fights progress unable to intervene to stop the fight. the volunteers are there mainly as translators and to provide a presence, they are not authorised to make arrests or to restrain people. you can identify the tourist police by their uniforms which say “tourist police volunteer” on them. they are not armed and carry only torches and notebooks. 

by contrast the Royal Thai police officers will be carrying a firearm and it is highly advisable to comply with their instructions. sometimes they will wait for a fight to play out until many people are injured, only then intervening as the fight winds down to make the arrest. It is likely that a trip to the Pattaya police station on Soi 9 would result and an unpleasant time in a holding cell. 

Pattaya in general is a safe place but as usual when alcohol is involved there is a possibility of violence. Beer and spirits are readily available and cheap but always remember to have 1 non-alcoholic drink for every alcoholic drink consumed. not only will this help you not get too drunk but also prevent a next-day hangover…

Fights like these are always avoidable. Don’t rely on the presence of police and security to keep order. Most of the police you see are acutally just volunteers and will not intervene in a fight. Likewise, security in most venues will simply throw you out of the venue leaving you to your own devices, they are not here to protect you, but to protect the venue they are employed by.