Songkran 2018 Pattaya Edition

Well its already over for most of the country however each year Pattaya celebrates an extended Songkran ( Thai new year) festival. Many venues choose to adopt traditional style attire – but usually with a sexy twist as seen here at Queen Club where the girls have chosen to retain their high heel footwear. Festivities are taking place all around town, however for the best water war we recommend soi 6 (of course) followed by the bars of soi 7 and 8. These streets have a tendency to get blocked up with traffic and impatient people on motorbikes start revving their engines loudly.

If you are going to take part in the water play remember that the water itself isnt necessarily super clean so you might want to avoid swallowing it and wear glasses to protect your eyes as many unscrupulous people deliberately aim powerful water cannons at your face and eyes, using the festival as an excuse to be an asshole. Its not quite Khao San Road levels of bad, but be cautious.

it is also worth remembering that Songkran also brings about a grim death toll the result of drinking and driving. As reported by the Bangkok post,

From April 11-17, there were a total of 3,724 road accidents across the country, claiming 418 lives and injuring 3,897 people, the Road Safety Centre announced on Wednesday.

while many of the accidents occur on rural roads, in Pattaya there are plenty of people who are intoxicated and of course, don’t pay attention to things like red lights. It is wise to drive even more cautiously than usual and if possible avoid the roads as much as possible. Even being a pedestrian is not safe.


richard coxley

Richard Coxley is a business consultant with over 12 years experience in Asia. He enjoys playing golf. He has travelled extensively in Thailand and currently resides in Pratumnak, Pattaya.

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