Walking Street aka the second best street in Pattaya!! home to Pattaya’s highest concentration of  go go bars as well as night clubs, sports bars, live music bars, pharmacies, restaurants money exchange and clothing shops. At night there is also plenty of street food vendors around. Some famous clubs include Mandarin, Baccara, Sensations, Happy, Windmill and more. You can also find tourist police posts in case you run into any trouble. You will often see tourist groups coming through here as well all taking photos. Prices are generally high with barfines hovering around the 800-1000 mark and ST from 2000-3000. Lady drink prices vary with some clubs having complicated tiers according to whether the girl is coyote, model, “supermodel” etc. It can be hard to know but ask the staff so you don’t get a shock when you pay your bill.



read about sideline girls or soi 6 bars instead.

February 24, 2017
richard coxley