Hollywood Pattaya, -or- How to piss away money

In Pattaya there are many ways to spend your money. Some are good and some are not so good. What the tripadvisor reviews won’t tell you about Hollywood is that it is the venue of choice for employees of Walking Street GOGOs to take their well-heeled customers. Some are paid a commission to come here. The most popular choice for many Asians such as Japanese and Koreans is to barfine some girls from Walking Street and go to Hollywood to drink and maybe sing karaoke in the rooms upstairs. Hollywood is also out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, so you will need to get help from a friendly songtaew or the taxi mafia to get there and back to your hotel. Oh and don’t forget an overpriced bottle of imported spirits that you need to buy mixers with the just to drink your own booze.

On soi 6 you can have a drink , buy your girl a drink and a short time session and get change from 1500 baht. Not so for Hollywood. This is where you go if you have money to buy some fried rice with shrimp for 900 baht, popcorn for 300 baht, a bottle of mixer for 300 baht etc. They generally have dancers and live music on stage, and the place gets packed from midnight with so many tables good luck trying to get past to the bathroom. Since it’s Asian clientele, the place is packed with carcinogenic levels of cigarette smoke too.

You can find some freelancers here sometimes but mostly you bring your own company from Walking Street. A thing that elderly Asians like to do is barfine a whole group of girls and buy bottles to show off their immense wealth. Tipping the male waiters is also expected, 200 baht or so for them carrying your drink and occasionally putting some ice in it. You may think I am being slightly harsh on Hollywood Pattaya, because they have high overheads due to getting skilled dancers and live music in their club. But you can go to any bar on Walking Street and see a live band and go inside a gogo you can see dancers. Hollywood is a weird combination of those things. Working girls take their prized customers to Hollywood and compare notes with each other to gain face.

People say things like Hollywood is a “local” crowd, well if you mean gogo girls and their rich Asian customers then yes, Hollywood is a reflection of Pattaya. It is not really a reflection of a Thai nightclub aimed at Thai clientele. The rich locals and BKK crowd tend to go to Differ rather than Hollywood. If you have money and can speak Thai then you would have a better time at Differ, there are normal non-working girls there and you might even get lucky with a hiso girl who wants to slum it for a bit. By hiso I don’t mean old money though, I mean tacky hiso wannabes who think money can buy class. Beware of hard drugs and the occasional gang stuff though. If you are a foreigner you might have a weird time, go with your Thai friends. Don’t take a bar girl there though, she will feel way out of place, like if you took her to the Hilton or something. Even the dialect most Isaan girls speaks marks them as low social to Bangkok Thais, let alone the tattoos and whatnot.


richard coxley

Richard Coxley is a business consultant with over 12 years experience in Asia. He enjoys playing golf. He has travelled extensively in Thailand and currently resides in Pratumnak, Pattaya.

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