Walking Street clubs where you will never be lonely

So, it’s after midnight and you’re still by yourself. Pattaya is a place where the party keeps going on all night, so what are your options? A lot of Thai ladies like to head to the Walking Street clubs to find company and you can too. Which club is the best? As they say in Thailand, “up to you.”

The recently renovated and reopened Lucifer deserves a mention for its super bright neon entrance hallway. It’s definitely eye-catching and inside the club is cavernous, definitely feeling spacious even when the floor is packed. It also has a mixed crowd including local Thai people drinking at the many tables. They have a live band most nights and generally they seemed to have done a good job revitalising this place.

insomnia cllub girl

A more standard pickup joint is insomnia/I-bar. This two-in-one bar downstairs and club upstairs is often packed to the gills with freelancers and off-duty ladies from other bars looking for new customers. They will line the walls and wait for you to start a conversation. Since its loud you might need to type messages on your phone with google translate for assistance. Sometimes can be a little crowded with other guys.

Other noted venues for finding company are 808 and Marine discotheque. In Thailand, what we would call a nightclub is still called a disco. Marine is the granddaddy of Walking Street discos and can feel like it sometimes. It has a downmarket feel. However it is still a mainstay of the late night scene. Unfortunately you have to go up and check it out, sometimes it can be dead before 3am or 4am. Watch out for ladyboys, they usually stick to their area but always be vigilant, “This is Thailand”.

808 is in the middle of walking street and plays hip hop if you’re tired of the usual electronic music. It can attract a slightly different crowd so it’s worth making a stop if you’re making your way down the strip. Be warned like all the clubs on walking street you  pay a  premium price for your drinks.

At the very far end of Walking Street at the Bali Hai pier end is Mixx, this is the Walking Street club that has an actual dance floor. Most of the clubs have the usual Thai setup of tables everywhere which restricts the space you can cut a rug. Mixx has a big central floor where you can get your grind on. Along with insomnia this is the European and Russian guys place to go. It is pricey as you would expect from a venue pitched at a higher part of the market.girls at insomnia

We have had the most success finding a date for the night at insomnia but clubs have different peak times and a lot depends on whether you hit the right club at the right time. A place that is dead at midnight can be packed at 3am. Left it until 5am? Still might not be too late for somewhere like Marine. And of course, the “coconut bar” a.k.a Beach Road always stays open.

A note on dress code: we’ve never been refused entry in jeans and a tshirt. It’s up to you how much you want to dress to impress.

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