Finding a sideline girl in Pattaya

Meeting Thai sideline girls in Pattaya isn’t as hard as you think but nor is it very easy. I mean, the easiest way is to just walk down Soi 6 or beach road at any time of day or night and you won’t need to put in any effort at all. Whereas if you want to take home a “normal” girl who is not in the entertainment or massage business then you will have to work a little bit harder.


Option 1 is Thaifriendly. Now, many of the girls in Pattaya who are using TF are actually freelancers or bar girls. They will generally not get far into the conversation before the subject of short time comes up. Whereas if you mention “short time” to a normal girl she will be confused, or, if she has already had to deal with perverts messaging her, she will block you.

Really you should be setting your location filter to Bangkok, it is just down the road and the ratio of normal girls to bar girls is much more in your favour. You will have a fairly good shot at a holiday girlfriend style arrangement this way. For example, we’ve taken out a nurse from Chonburi on our vacation. You should really have a Facebook account ready made for the purposes of this style of dating too.

Thaifriendly girls speak English or at least are actively trying to meet foreigners. If you want to break into the Thai sideline world you will need to speak at least a bit of Thai, even better if you can also read and you can type พัทยา into google, because unless your girl is an English major it is unlikely you will be able to communicate. And yes, there are some girls who are studying English on TF who want to meet someone for language practice and maybe more.

Pattaya isn’t really a college town so you can’t expect to find lots of cute young students. The best you can do is find a group of girls who are down from BKK for the weekend. Again, you will need pretty good Thai skills to get anywhere. Thai-Chinese hiso girls who come down in their Mercs and BMWs to party and check out what condo they want their parents to buy don’t really go for cheap Charlies.

You can find Thai college girls in dessert cafes and in some Thai-oriented walking street clubs. It’s pretty difficult to pick up but not impossible. We found a group of BKK girls upstairs in insomnia, just introduce yourself the same way you would in any club. Thai clubs are based around having a group at a table so it can be hard to break into a group.

You other app options include badoo. Badoo is popular with many Thais but in Pattaya you will have trouble wading through all the ladyboys and freelancers to find the real Thai girls.

In fact it’s probably easier to just do it the old fashioned way and pick up girls from Starbucks than using badoo in Pattaya.

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  • December 12, 2019 at 6:48 am

    555 what a crock of shit, do you even know what a dek sideline girl is? You wont find real sideline girls anywhere you’ve mentioned. Unless you speak thai and are vetted on the dek sideline forums the only place unshaven beer soaked farang are going to get close to real sideline pretties is at edm festivals or raves in bkk or Pattaya when they are held.


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