New clubs and bars opening August

Throughout Pattaya there is always construction work going on as new clubs – bars, pubs and other venues are prepared for opening. There is a relatively low turnover rate overall but this time of year sees low season which is the time when certain owners decide it is time to renovate and refresh, or other owners decide to sell up and move on allowing new life to be breathed into the nightlife areas of Pattaya. One trend has been that there has been a consolidation of ownership with existing owners of bars and clubs on walking street and soi 6 seeking to expand their portfolio from two, three or four or even more bars. THis can be good for the customer as it means that businesses are run smoothly by experienced owners who know how to take care of their customers needs, as well as how to staff and run the business generally. on the other hand it could mean reduced competition and variety. it remains to be seen at this point in time how the ownership wars will play out.

walking street area

In recent days, “Addiction club” which despite the name is really more of a bar has opened. Some familiar girls were seen there but we suspect it was short term PR. it is common to hire girls from agencies or even other clubs to build up during the opening period and generate hype and good publicity on facebook and social media. the building itself has a unique design with clear glass front so passerby can see inside the club like a fish bowl.


“Tantra”  next to Sweethearts on walking street is due to open, most likely a soft opening. this has been under renovation for a while and hopefully can make good use of its prime location on walking street.


“Bliss lounge” is now up and running but this just happened recently. originally scheduled for the 10th of august but opened earlier ahead of schedule. the venue has had some troubles in the past which the new owners are hoping to turn around.


“Mandarin” has been recently renovated and is opened again. the original colour scheme has been revamped with a new red black and white theme which looks fresh and different from the old one.


“Airport club” an old favourite  has been reopened. this theme club has the kind of uniforms you would expect and now seems to be targeting the chinese market as you can see with the bright neon sign and writing in chinese characters.


“Windmill” closed for a little while but will be resuming.

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soi 6 area

“Pat bar 1” an old school lady bar haunt has been added to the German empire (owner of route 69 bar owns two bars on soi 6, chili bar is his other one), and will most likely become a lady bar.

as always please refer to our soi 6 bar guide for more info

Soi Chaiyapoon

for those that do not know soi chaiyapoon is located at the top half of soi buakhow. this area is mostly known for massage shops but of course this being pattaya, often more than massage is on offer.

“Anny” bar is a newly opened bar in this area, similar to a soi 6 open type venue. soi chaiyapoon has been called by some “the new soi 6” as this type of bar is being seen more and more in the buakhow area, as crackdowns and other enforcement of drinking hours (i.e. no alcohol before 5pm) take its toll on the soi.

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