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In Thailand there are several kinds of massage, from the standard Thai massage that focuses on your body such as back, neck and foot massage, to oily massage, hot stone massage to the less well known “pretty massage” or body to body (b2b) massage. In Bangkok and Chiang Mai these shops can be found in urban streets for Thai guys to go and receive hand relief from a pretty young girl who is often a student, retail worker or other lady who needs extra money for luxury items. It’s common to find early 20s type white skinned ladies in this kind of establishment because that is what local Thai guys prefer, as is common with other Asian countries, lighter skin is considered more beautiful. strawberry spa b2b massage in bkk

You can see the popularity of so-called “kapoo clubs” kapooclubweb.net [in Thai, use google to translate. Kapoo is slang for dick]. For example here is a place called “Strawberry spa” or “pretty and relax spa” these names are just euphemisms for what goes on inside. As you can see this shop is located in a residential village and is intended for a local audience, actually Sukhumvit Road 107 near Bearing. There are so many of these shops you can probably locate one near a BTS station without drama, or ask a taxi driver. However it is most likely that a taxi would take you to a soapy massage as these are more popular with foreigners and many pay commissions to taxi drivers to get them to take people there.

Generally a b2b course is 1600 baht for 80 minutes and this includes a massage Hand relief and body slide (hence why it is called body to body). Some places the lady keeps all her clothes on, others it is underwear, some it is nude. Depending on the girl and the rules of the establishment you can get more for your money or even up to full service for extra payment directly negotiated in the room, so that the owner of the spa maintains plausible deniability. Don’t go expecting this as even young and handsome Thai guys get denied if that is the policy of the lady and/or the shop.

Most shops maintain a LINE account that will post daily updates of the ladies working there, with use of google translate or a Thai speaking friend you can arrange to book the lady of your choice. Don’t have a LINE account? Get one. It is the most common instant messenger program in Thailand. Some of the more popular “supermodel” tier ladies are by appointment only. Although photos tend to have the girls with their makeup and use of photoshop or filter apps, there are very few girls that could be considered other than attractive working in these places.

B2b massage shops of course will accept foreign customers but they are not set up the way the places on lower Sukhumvit, Nana and surrounding areas are. The prices are higher and the services are less, because it is expected wealthy Thais will pay a premium just to meet a pretty girl at this type of place and not expect much in the way of a good massage.

Kapoo massage, pretty massage, pretty spas or b2b as it is called by many different names can be found in every Thai city but most commonly in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. It is less common in Pattaya since that city is more set up to cater for the foreign market where customers have different expectations in terms of presentation and prices. It is possible that you will get a very bad massage for you 1600 baht and you might not even see much of a pretty girl since you will be face down and she keeps her clothes on. That could leave you frustrated with your experience. If you can, try and politely inquire with the reception staff about what might be available on offer before you part with your money.

That being said half the fun is trying to win over the girl and seeing if you can get to second, third base or even further. You will need to speak some decent Thai or otherwise be charming. The effort is worth it though if you prefer girls who are not professional bar staff or masseuses, but are part timers or “side line” girls. If you are in Chiang Mai there are a couple of decent clubs right near the main tourist areas of Nimman (studio spa at nimman 17), Central Festival mall (office club) and the Old City moat (Mossa Hue) but Miss Spa, the best in our opinion is way out of town on the 108 highway, and Phoenix Club is out on the ring road. its uncomfortable riding a small scooter at highway speeds so take a taxi. Avoid the karaokes on Chiangmailand road. If you are interested in visiting Chiang Mai read our Guide.

In BKK in addition to the Sukhumvit area you can also find places around BTS Ari and Mo Chit, it just depends on how comfortable you are walking around. Take a look at our BKK Guide.

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