Beach road flooded for ASEAN parade

The rains come frequently in Pattaya and the timing could not have been worse as the Beach Road was completely flooded with knee-high water as the ASEAN navy parade went on. Look at these guys trying to wade through the water while playing their instruments. Not a good look for the city. One commentor suggested that they could have drilled some drainage holes on the Beach side of Beach Road to allow the water to drain. We suppose that being from other similar countries, they are used to the rainy conditions causing flooding and infrastructure being unable to cope, but it is still a bit of a disappointment for the city. On the plus side, the reported flood of men trying to get through the doors of Pattaya’s bars does not seem to have eventuated, with very few sightings of white uniforms ashore. It seems that commanders have successfully kept their sailors off the coast and out of trouble.

Local media reported,

The parade traveled along Beach Road starting at Soi 6 and finished up at the Pattaya School No. 8 resulting in Beach Road being closed from 6am until 9am.

In any case the naysayers who said that hotels would be booked out and the city swarmed with people have been proven wrong. The event has gone smoothly and if anything there has been too little impact on business, with demand still at low season levels.


In unrelated news, a new gogo has opened on Walking Street called Marilyn Monroe. Mostly coyote dancers, 2 big stages, 1 small, seats a bit hard. There are 3 rotations at the moment of about a dozen girls each. The tourist police have been busy with paperwork and ID checks causing some normally-topless bars to become more circumspect for a time. Over on LK Metro, Gold Club is reopening soon.

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