LK Metro: A nice alternative to Walking Street

If you are after the highest sheer number of agogo bars, clubs and live music, then obviously Walking Street is number 1. But what if you are bored of all the Chinese tour groups, the street vendors pushing things in your face, all the big crowds of people that frequent WS? then there is an alternative and it is LK Metro. This L shaped soi is conveniently located off Buakhow near to Soi Honey. Unlike Walking Street, tourist groups don’t go there, so you are free to wander from gogo to gogo without interference. In addition there are several pleasant open air bars, including the famous Billabong Bar located in LK Metro. Why is Billabong famous? Because in addition to the official staff, there are many freelancers working there. The crowd is often older and more laid back than Walking Street too. On the corner of Buakhow is another music venue Climax, which is popular with expats and tourists alike. Just around the corner on Soi Honey and Soi Chayapoon are many massage shops and smaller, Soi-6 style bars. There are also a number of sports bars and British themed (Irish) pubs where you can watch Premier League or other sports.

In LK Metro itself you can find a nice selection of gogo bars, such as Champagne, Crystal, Ninja, Queen, Lady Love and others. Champagne now has setup a coyote bar next door, with a pool table and cut price drinks all night. Local beers are cheap, maybe 70-80 baht which is significantly cheaper than inside agogo. As a quick rundown:

Queen – large agogo featuring many busty dancers. High ceiling gives a feeling of spaciousness inside. Toilets are upstairs, beware if you are inebriated. Also,  if you like big fake breasts go to Queen. Weirdly they have cute, Japanese style girls on the door, but inside it is more tall amazonian Isaan ladies. Plays dance/techno music.

Champagne – a nice variety of girls and relatively low drink prices. Popular with farangs and Asians alike. Typical gogo layout with rows of seating. Less poles than average.

Ninja – smaller gogo popular with Asian customers. Usually 3-5 on stage. Quite steep seating.

Touch – large agogo with a good variety of girls. 5-7 on stage at a time.

Destiny – small gogo with an unconventional square layout and T shape stage. Always a nice atmosphere when you go in there. They keep the stage full with 4-5 ladies.

Pulse – large agogo with an unusual layout and hospital theme. Door is shaped like an ambulance and ladies are dressed as nurses.

Crystal – nice standard layout and good variety of girls.

Lady Love – dual stage setup, to one side is the tub/shower show, the other side coyote dancers. It can be hard to get a seat near the tub.

As always you can stick your head in, take a look at the lineup and if you don’t like what you see you can leave without buying a drink. Once you are seated it is generally expected you buy a drink. Draft beer is the cheapest if you just want to take in the sights.

The gogos in LK are priced pretty much on par with the WS gogos, so don’t expect any reduction in price or barfine. Of course, it is always possible to negotiate however most will not be flexible.

If you are hungry the famous OZ burger stand and the surprisingly good Italian spaghetti stall are better options than the Subway store, in our opinion. Prices are cheap at around 120-150 baht. THere are also mobile food options available and many other stalls on a rotating basis selling western food such as fish and chips and kebabs.


richard coxley

Richard Coxley is a business consultant with over 12 years experience in Asia. He enjoys playing golf. He has travelled extensively in Thailand and currently resides in Pratumnak, Pattaya.

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