Conflicting accounts around death of Aus man on Soi 6

A bar manager and bargirl have spoken to the Australian media about the fight at Ruby Club on Soi 6 where a man from Australia was killed last month, on February 9 2018. The Melbourne man Benjamin Robb was punched and kicked by an American. There are conflicting stories about what happened. The American, Polanco says that he saw the Australian strangling a bar girl and so acted in defence of her. This conflicts with what the girl told the boys in brown when she was interviewed. Her account is that they were just playing around. As you will know many girls from Thailand are quite small and often appear to be younger than their real age. Apparently this guy tried to start trouble by accusing one girl of being underage.  Before going to Ruby, the Australian was at Horny bar and the manager said

“He came here for a drink first before he went to the Ruby Club,” said the manager, who identified himself as Lloyd. “He was extremely drunk and aggressive. We have one girl working here who is very small, only about four feet tall and she looks quite young.

“When he saw her he accused her of being underaged and started yelling at everyone. We tried to calm him down by showing him her ID card but that just made him angrier and he smashed his fist down really hard on the table where she was sitting. She was really frightened.”

Robb then walked about 50m down Soi 6 to Ruby Club, and according to another witness, assaulted several sex workers on the way.


Polanco has previously been convicted of manslaughter in 1993 so he is obviously a shady character. Witnesses say he stomped on the victims head while he lay on the ground. The attacker fled the scene after the attack. Onlookers attempted to help the victim but he died in hospital of brain injuries. If convicted the attacker faces the death penalty.

This is a reminder that although Pattaya is generally a safe place, as everywhere there are crazy people out there who are just looking for trouble. If you see something starting, it is better to just pay your bill and leave than to get involved in any way. Fights are actually very rare on Soi 6 as people tend to get kicked out of the bar and sent home before they can do anything, and most other patrons are wise enough not to throw a punch at someone looking for a fight.  You can read more of this story on


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