Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi (how to get to Pattaya)

This is question many travelers ask, how can I get from Don Muang (DMK) to Pattaya? or how can I go from Suvarnabhumi (BKK) to Pattaya? well. the answer is not always straightforward. Of course the easy answer is to commission a taxi. this Is not so easy at Don Muang, there are many tourists (mainly Chinese) also trying to take a taxi. Also if you go to the taxi counter at DMK, they will not always give you a ticket to Pattaya, because BKK drivers do not want to drive 2hr , then return to BKK with no passenger. If you have a low budget it is better to go on the bus and then, from there go to Victory Monument, theres some bus services (minivan) there. Buses also leave from here to goto Pattaya. But, since you already took the bus to the BTS then may as well go to the bus station at Ekkamai , it has frequent services to Pattaya. The cost is less than 200 baht, of course adding about 30 baht for the BTS service, and the bus from DMK to the nearest bus station. This is very annoying and if possible you should avoid landing in DMK, transport involves many more connections and sketchy transport than the more reliable, BKK Suvarnabhumi . Even if you arrange a private taxi from DMK, the location near to downtown BKK , means even the expressways will be full of traffic, and a taxi will go some way out of the most direct route   just to avoid the traffic. make sure that you already ageed who will pay for the toll roads, before you  go in a taxi

We highly recomend , if your destination is Patttaya, to Arrive at Suvarnabhumi. It is very much easier than going to DMK. ,From Suvarnabhumi  airport,, you can immediately buy an inexpensive ticket on the public bus that goes direclty to Pattaya, around 140 baht,  or, if you booked ahead on the Bell bus service which goes express to Pattaya, and then a van service to your hotel. For about 400 baht. You have to book this service online at , since we do not endorse any company, just search on Google bell bus service. Arriving at Suvarnabhumi  is very easy, once you take your bags from the area. it is easy to clear customs, although the green lane has an xray scaner, you are not required to put your bag on it unless the staff tell you to do so. SO, just pass through the green lane and then , go downstairs and to the left side, this will eventaully bring you to the bus station sales desk where you can buy cheap ticket to Pattaya. Also here are the Bell bus staff for those who have prebooked online. As you can imagine it is much more simple to take  a bus fromSuvarnabhumi  to Pattaya, then the many steps on public transport or on a taxi, from Don Muang aiport. Suvarnabhumi  is the best location, to take a bus directlyt to Pattaya, including your luggage items. It would be much more difficult to arrivae at DMK and take luggage over 3+ stops to Pattaya.

richard coxley

Richard Coxley is a business consultant with over 12 years experience in Asia. He enjoys playing golf. He has travelled extensively in Thailand and currently resides in Pratumnak, Pattaya.

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