Thai Election Alcohol Bans

You may have heard about Thailand’s upcoming long awaited election. As you can see this has caused politicians to step up their activities. The Prime Minister Prayuth Chan Ocha appears here in a series of photos aimed at burnishing his cool credentials with the Thai electorate. The photos have been well discussed on Thai social media. Another consequence of this is that there are bans on alcohol consumption nation wide to facilitate the democratic process. As reported, there will be a 24 hour alcohol ban this weekend and next weekend when the election is being held on March 24. As reported by thai media:

Sunday, March 17 will feature a day of pre-voting where alcohol sales and distribution will be forbidden from 6pm on Saturday, March 16 until 6pm on Sunday, March 17.

That will precede the ban on the following weekend of March 23 & 24 as well.

If you are visiting Pattaya at this time check out our guides on how to obtain liquor on official ban days. Or plan ahead and buy in advance.

As you can expect, ban on sale of alcohol will affect night life areas in Pattaya and bars are expected not to be open. Although it has been some time since the last election, it was the case that bars are generally closed to allow voters to make their decision without being intoxicated.

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