Updated Soi 6 Map (April 2019)

There have been a few more changes this month with the layout of Soi 6, specifically in the beach side being revitalised with the opening of yet more Night-wish group bars Seduction, Avarice, Passion, Envy and Wrath replacing several older bars. These are standard, open type bars whereas the old units were glass front, closed type. In addition the new bars have individual showers in the rooms. The bars are open to 1-2am which is later than some other bars which close at midnight. Previously when you passed Lucky Love bar it was a sign there were less bars to come, with but now with HK darts and Kelaya there is a fuller row on both sides of the street.

In case you have forgotten there are generally a few types of bar, closed/semi-closed/open and double or single unit. this simply refers to the layout of the bar, whether the tables are open to the air or if there is a closed area behind tinted or opaque glass. The closed bars advantage is air conditioning, whereas open bars generally have more “atmosphere” than keeping the bar behind closed doors. Though this means that only fans are used for cooling. Single or double just refers to the street frontage, in Thailand you will find townhouses have a standard width, often with a shop or restaurant on the ground floor with residential housing above for the owners. In soi 6 these are used for short time accommodation with shower facilities , often with multiple different rooms which are generally air conditioned for comfort. However, customers with mobility issues may note that the stairs are often steep and narrow.

Also evident with the growth of the night wish bars is increased security presence. In the past, mamasans , fellow patrons and passer by would respond to incidents. A visible change is that security men are now present and patrolling in addition to occasional drive patrol pickup trucks by the Pattaya police and Immigration officers. This in theory makes the Soi safer than in the past with staff available to handle problems. In general fights in Soi 6 are rare. It is now a medium traffic area for tourists also — many Asian tourists can be seen wandering down the soi at times and the provincial government wishes to ensure safety. Although some street begging occurs there is no pickpocket activity as occurs in Bangkok.

Soi6 also has good farang food options with Slice Pizza, Queen Victoria inn and McDonalds located nearby at both ends of the Soi as well as Mama cafe, several bars, motorbike street vendors like Clean Pie and of course the 7/11 for a ham and cheese sandwich. Thai food is also plentiful and cheap.With the opening of 7/11 it is possibly only a matter of time until some of the other shops close due to overlapping business. On the other hand, salons are likely to remain self-sustaining with a captive audience of local residents.

Pattaya forum user DPGumby has provided updated map.  In this map the colour code is shown below. if you are worried about ladyboys the bars where they are found are coloured in Red. This is becoming a smaller number now.

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