Pattaya October

Lets go on a quick tour around Pattaya to see what has been happening this month…

Soi 6

The western end of the Soi keeps gaining more as another gOgo has opened called “Love 66”

Whats new on Soi  Buakhow?

The landmark that is Oasis bar commonly seen on the corner of Soi Buakhow has now changed to “Serenity”. Seems they are going down a Western route with the offers here more tailored to Farang clientele. Early reports are not so good but the place may still be finding staff, the most important part.

Ladyboy bar – Suprise Yourself that could also been seen on Buakhow has closed- we have rarely seen customers going inside so not surprising. It has only been around for 18 months showing the short lifespan of many bars

Updates- whats happening on Walking Street?


Well as you know “Sugar baby” has been closed for a while now with the faint remnants of the sign all that is left as a reminder. It has now been replaced with “Golden Club”. An Asian-focused venue on Walking Street which should be interesting to see if it can gain a following after the success of other Asian-themed clubs like “Panda” and the Chinese-themed “Super Model” that opened recently- it is becoming more and more common to see Chinese language signs on bars as a sign of changing tourist demographics in Pattaya

“Lighthouse” has reopened after a brief interlude. Also “Beavers” is open for business, surely the double entendre is deliberate

What about LK Metro

Office Club has closed, one of the middle of the pack gogos that have finally succumbed to market forces. Their theme/ gimmick was not good enough to attract customers it seems. rumoured to be reopening though.

Gentlemens clubs 3rd road

recently opened “King Club,” “Purple Club” and “Naughty Club” these are now trading with signage in English, Korean and Chinese. Not very imaginative with these names but whatever floats your boat


An enormous new Chinese focused (signs in Chinese) body massage opened on Pattaya Tai (south Pattaya road) near Friendship Supermarket / Acqua residence. Can expect to see tour buses pulling up all around the clock

final words

as you can see there is always a turnover of businesses in Pattaya, with many businesses opening and some old ones closing. It seems the current generation of entrepreneurs are eager to tap into the Chinese market with many catering to Chinese language signage etc.  This has long been the case but now bar owners are cottoning on to the potential of people from tour groups that are seen following flags on a stick at all times of day as a source of revenue. We are interested to see if this measure works. traditionally Pattaya has been visited by solo and small groups of independent travellers and bar owners have tailored their offering to this. The exception being soapies which have been adapted to the tour bus trade. Now it is common to see tourists from Asia including Korea, Japan and China, whereas in the past it was more commonly Russians and east Europeans. With the strong Thai baht it is interesting to see how the Pattaya economy goes.


richard coxley

Richard Coxley is a business consultant with over 12 years experience in Asia. He enjoys playing golf. He has travelled extensively in Thailand and currently resides in Pratumnak, Pattaya.

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