New Year – Good times in High Season but Crazy Prices

Bar fines on key dates such as New Year and Xmas eve on Soi 6 reached 2500-3000 baht. Also On soi 6 , the price for a Short time is 2000 baht with bar fines up to 1000 baht, and Long time has increased to 3000 or even 4000 baht, a far cry from  the 1000-2000 baht that it was just a few years ago, with many ladies finishing up their time with the customer long time early in the morning to return to their room to prepare for another day at work. On Walking Street Bar fines peaked on New Years eve at 4000 baht (no joke).

Usual bar fines for every day are around 1000-2000 baht. Short time from agogo is 3000 baht which narrows the gap to Soi 6. With Long time coming in at 5000-6000 Baht and even then, gogo mamasans are advising their ladies to leave as early as 2 AM that same night. With this level of Soi 6 pricing, some may even prefer to pay extra to see the lady of their choice dancing sexily on stage before making the choice to bar fine, rather than soi 6.

The advantage being that , in Soi 6 you can talk comfortably with the lady and get to know her, without her constantly saying “I go dancing” or “I go toilet”.  Both types of bars have their pros and cons with soi 6 having the cost advantage but the gap is narrowing. Of course Soi 6 remains the undispute king of day time action but with new Soapy / Soapland massage licences being granted to newly opened premises, and even the new type of Gentlemens Lounge and Daytime Karaoke / KTV catering to the Chinese market, this is under threat also.

Short Time rooms are now readily available in Walking Street bars, further narrowing the gap to the Soi 6 former unique selling point. In many cases it is possible to have a room right above the bar exactly the same as Soi 6 eroding the position of Soi 6 as king of short time.

The practice of bar fining a lady and then visiting a Walking Street disco (or Hollywood) is still prevalent.

For drinks prices expect to pay 20-30 baht per beer or spirits at a Walking Street or LK agogo, this does add up but only in the vicinity of 15% more. If you are a beer drinker the perennial specials on draft beer make Walking Street and LK an afforable proposition as these come in under 100 baht and often in the 70-80 baht range for a glass of beer. Of course in all types of bars you may be pushed to buy drinks for “my friend” “manager” or other seagulls that flock to the scent of money being spent. It is up to the customer to not give in to the pressure, or if he is feeling generous may decide to accede to the lady’s wishes. Be careful to specify the drink type if you so desire as many will just order a (very expensive) fruit juice if given the choice.


With the Thai Baht flying high at the moment it seems many have chosen to stay away from Pattaya and Thailand in general due to unfavourable exchange rates that have pushed prices up by as much as 20-30 percent in home currency terms before you even step foot off the plane. Items such as food and accommodation, motorbike taxis are at the same low levels in Baht terms but when you convert it back into other currencies, it becomes apparent why tourism in Thailand is hurting.

Despite this Pattaya at new year is always a good time and 2020 is no exception with most bars on Walking Street full during the night, as well as some on Soi LK and Soi 6. Some ladies did comment that there were less customers and speaking to a few bar managers there is a consensus that this year brought lower visitor numbers. That being said, prices tended to go the opposite direction as providers tried to squeeze the punters for every last shekel. Of course it is normal to expect peak season pricing but paying more to get less time is becoming unsustainable in the current climate.




richard coxley

Richard Coxley is a business consultant with over 12 years experience in Asia. He enjoys playing golf. He has travelled extensively in Thailand and currently resides in Pratumnak, Pattaya.

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