March 2022 what is happening in Pattaya

There is still good news from Pattaya as many recent visitors can attest; soi 6 bars are open and there are many girls working daily. There are protocols in place at the airport due to pandemic but transport is still easy to Pattaya via bus, private taxi or van. Although Walking street remains closed there are many options in bars , whether beer bars or converted restaurants, massage parlours and others like Thai Friendly or phone apps such as tinder. For those that dont know, even though the massage workers may not advertise, they may proposition or offer extra services that are negotiable with the customer.

You may not even need the apps as the bar scene is bouncing back as strong as ever in Pattaya now despite limited trading hours, in fact it may even be preferable if you prefer not to stay awake until the small hours of the morning, as bars are more active during the day and then you can retire to your hotel before midnight. But for those that choose TF or another dating site always remember buyer beware; it is the same principle as freelancers with no recourse even to a bar owner since these are independent workers providing the service. Always be clear on what your expectations are and the price to be paid, never pre pay or give a deposit before meeting in person. Just common sense that will avoid scams.  There are a good variety of platforms available with their own costs and remember to take that into account; it could be cheaper and easier to simply take advantage of being in Pattaya and visiting bars and clubs in person, than to sift through many fake profiles with photoshopped pictures that dont present the same as in real life. People on these sites also have their own motivations and expectations that might not be the same as others in Pattaya with clearly defined roles such as bar girls.

If you are like us you might be wondering, are there still attractive and beautiful women in Pattaya, since many hundreds or thousands have quit their jobs at agogo bars. Well the short answer is yes but the long answer is ‘you may need to work for it.’ This can be a plus factor for guys that enjoy the thrill of the hunt but a downside for those who are just looking to go straight out and find a hot date for the night.  It is true you cannot just go to Walking Street sit down with a drink and enjoy a parade of dancers for hours and hours anymore and that was a big draw of Pattaya for some.

Instead there are still soi 6 bars where there is a ‘target rich’ environment, in fact girls may approach guys on the street eagerly pulling them into their bar much as it has been for years. There are still very pretty ladies working all over Pattaya, it is a matter of looking around to find the right person for you. There are as many options as ever



richard coxley

Richard Coxley is a business consultant with over 12 years experience in Asia. He enjoys playing golf. He has travelled extensively in Thailand and currently resides in Pratumnak, Pattaya.

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