soi cowboy in bkSoi Cowboy is located right next to a major intersection and adjacent to the Terminal 21 shopping mall. It is reachable by Asoke BTS and Sukhumvit MRT stations. It is not far from Ekkamai bus station if you feel like going there from Pattaya. Baccara has a branch in Soi Cowboy, but the Pattaya Walking Street one is best, obviously. It is the same setup, coyote girls downstairs and schoolgirl outfits and topless at the upper section. The lower area is non-smoking. Another name you might recognise from Pattaya is Lighthouse and Shark. 

The famous Suzie Wong is here but beware it is a bit of a tourist trap due to this. Many of the bars put their prettiest ladies outside, once you are inside, then the girls are less attractive. Note that it is acceptable to quickly stick your head in, even walk inside for a few seconds and then walk out quickly without buying a drink. Once you have had a seat, you basically will need to buy a drink or be asked to leave.

A venue worth knowing about is Crazy House, very popular with expats and becoming more known with Asian tourists. If you are not caucasian or Asian in appearance you may asked to buy a drink before you can go in. This discrimination is normal practice in many parts of Thailand and Asia as a whole as people of other races are thought to be cheapskates. Once inside you can enjoy full nude dancers on the ground floor and a hands on interactive experience on the top floor.


This page will soon feature more reviews but we spend all our time in Pattaya, not Bangkok!

read about sideline girls instead.