There is a lot more to Chiang Mai then Loi Kroh road beer bars and the town’s small gogo bars. The most common mistake people make is thinking Loi Kroh Road beer bars are the end of the world. There is a whole another world of talent and beauty awaiting you in this northern city. You will need the insider information that we will give you. The information here was last updated in October,2019

Chiang Mai is known as a tourist destination especially for Chinese tourists who sometimes make the drive from Southern China to Northern Thailand. It has also unfortunately attracted different kinds of Western expats, such as so-called Digital nomads who are in reality just poor backpackers who make vlogs that no one really watches.  It does have some nightlife in the form of Loi Kroh Road beer bar complex (the boxing ring is also there) and there are massage shops along Loi Kroh road itself where extras may be available. There are only 3 agogo style bars in Chiang Mai of which Foxy Lady, which is located behind the Night Bazaar is probably the best though it is obviously not up to the standards of Pattaya with around 8-10 coyote dancers on stage at a time most nights. Spotlight is located on the east side of the moat road so it is easy to find as you will most likely pass by it on your way around the city, but there are not many dancers and they are usually not the best looking. They also aim to get the Chinese tourist market. There is a third small gogo near the beer bar complex. Star xIx. The gogo scene is nothing compared to Bangkok or Pattaya. But Chiang Mai is a college town, so take advantage of this.

In our opinion the best looking girls are at the B2B massage parlours also known as kapoo clubs which are targeted at local Thais. These places are usually out of town so you will need your own transport to get there. Miss Spa for example is about 20 mins drive from the city centre so obviously aimed at local clientele that have their own car.  Some are located near a shopping mall, for example Office Club is behind Big C on the superhighway, or Studio @ Nimman 17 which is not too far from the main cafe area.  The advantage is that the staff are usually young, students with nice fit bodies. It is common for Bangkok girls to travel up north to Chiang Mai where it is less likely they will encounter a relative coming to the shop where they are working. To access these places you will need a friendly tuktuk or your own motorbike or car.

if you are decent at negotiating you can get full services for around 1000 baht but the best looking girls who know what they are worth might ask 2000 extra on top of the standard price, paid directly to the girl. The owners officially discourage this but most deliberately turn a blind eye to what happens in the room with the girl. Anyway, if they were really unaware, then why are there condoms in a drawer on the bedside table. Be aware that English is limited if any, so you will need to speak a little Thai to make things go more smoothly.

Another good option is karaoke clubs which like massage, are really just a cover for the real business. Be wary of the large shops on Chiangmailand road as there have been many stories of foreigners being massively overcharged and threatened when they refused to pay. See example story from Khaosod news. 20 Karaoke is located just north of town on Highway 107, it is foreigner friendly. You can go inside and have a drink at the bar and the mamasan will bring girls for you to select. There are a huge number of ladies working at 20 most nights, around 20-30 or more to choose and it can be overwhelming as they all line up. Take your time, you may be asked to buy a bottle and of course tip mamasan. Rooms are charged by the hour but are not expensive, if you take two girls for company for a few hours expect to spend around 3,000 baht or so. If the girl likes you she will go with you or you can arrange to meet her later.

There are other karaoke clubs in Chiang Mai such as เธอ ter or tur which means “you” in Thai. These are targeted at local Thai guys and the girls don’t go out or do anything except sing and keep you company. Of course if she likes you, you can get her LINE id and meet her later. This is frowned upon by most employers so please do it discretely.

Chiang Mai is also a good place to visit a love hotel with your sideline girl. This is a little more difficult because you will need some Thai skills. If you can’t speak Thai then soapy massage is an option. celebriti

Chiang Mai has 4 soapy massage venues. Celebrities shower massage also known as [email protected] is the best of Chiang Mai’s soapies. It is located very close to the main tourist area but tucked away discreetly near the Pornping Tower hotel. It is a fishbowl style venue with a large selection and the rooms are decently finished with a proper hot tub. The girl will give you a massage, hop in the bath together and then onto business. Prices are two tiers with the lower tier 1400 and the higher tier 1700. Note that if you arrive in a taxi or tuktuk you will be charged more due to paying of commission to the driver. You can ask the driver to go to the Pornping hotel instead and walk across the road until you see the yellow sign.

Sayuri complex is the most famous of Chiang Mai’s soapies but it is old and run down. Prices range from a paltry 1100 upto 2000 or more for the model tier. As with everything in Thailand you may be charged a premium if you are a foreigner who can’t speak Thai. Sayuri is more difficult to find by yourself but with google maps you will get there. The place itself is very old and run down and the rooms don’t even have proper hot tubs, just a small normal bath tub. Rooms are dark but at least have mirrors. Note, only the lower tiers will actually involve a soapy massage on the air mattress. Most staff only give you a bath and massage.

The other two soapies are Phucome hotel a large white building behind the university – Chiang Mai University (CMU), and Pandora even further out than Sayuri, on the way to the railway station. You can ask your driver to take you there, it’s down the road past a strip mall with speed bumps from the main road.

The last option is the flea pit brothels in Santitham. There are a number of dodgy looking shacks on Changphuak soi 4 which runs between Santitham road and the highway. Thai dudes will stand by the road shouting’ sao sao sao’ which means woman in Northern Thai dialect. The prices are cheap because it’s very basic. Inside there will be a room with girls standing around, you will need to pick one quickly and then be taken on a motorbike to a nearby cheap rat-infested motel. Don’t expect anything in the way of service but also the price is cheap.

Finally worth a mention is the freelancer scene but this is quite small and if you visit somewhere like Zoe in Yellow it is more likely you will see fat backbackers and other Europeans in elephant pants hanging around. Zoe is popular with underage Thais who have fake ids so beware of this. It is much better to check out our guide on finding a nice Thai sideline girl in Chaing Mai. Other pickup spots like Spicy are sometimes mentioned on other sites but generally you would have better lucky trying to go somewhere cool like Warm Up Cafe or Infinity in Nimman where the Thais like to hangout.