short time 

also abbreviated as ST. Although it seems obvious, this means that the girl will spend a short time with you, usually no more than an hour or two. if you are in doubt, talk to her before going anywhere.

long time

also abbreviated as LT. This is an overnight stay although the exact time is negotiable and depends on factors such as whether you have good chemistry. sometimes the crack of dawn. as always, be clear about what you expect at the start.

bar fine / barfine / bf

a lump sum payment made to the proprietor of the establishment to release the girl from her duties in the bar. different venues have different bar fines, for soi 6 expect 300-700 and walking street 800-2000 baht. 

boom boom

slang term for sexual intercourse, fucking, etc

cheap charlie

slang term for a cheapskate, stingy person who doesnt have money or spend money


slang term for playboy, a guy who has many ladies


slang term for female friend. can also mean an actual sister but more commonly a close friend or cousin


dancer in a bar who usually wears a crop top and shorts, as opposed to more skimpy outfits


thai for foreigner, derived from France, the first Western country to make contact


thai term for a mistress, sugar baby or friend with benefits


slang term for female genitals, lit. shellfish because that is how it looks

take care

euphemism for pay money, e.g. you take care her, means pay her some money

teerak / tilac

translates as an affectionate term similar to darling or my love. in thai, ที่รัก


thai word meaning cute.  น่ารัก


thai word meaning beautiful, สวย

jai dee

literally, ‘good heart’


thai for ‘miss’ as in, I miss you


thai word for ladyboy


the thai word for ‘five’ is ‘ha’. hence 5555 = hahaha , used in chat similar to lol.


thai word for crazy  บ้า


like crazy but more cute 


thai for man/men ผู้ชาย


thai for woman/women ผู้หญิง


a modified pickup truck with seats in the back, used as a mini bus. สองแถว lit. two rows in thai

boys in brown / BIB

the police. their uniforms are brown.


แพง thai word for expensive

there are many more terms that are in use. We recommend that if possible, you learn some thai before travelling to Pattaya. If you can count to ten in Thai, you can count to a million, and this is very helpful when haggling because you can understand the prices. Lot noi dai mai, can you reduce the price, is another useful phrase.

Learning some basic directions such as left (sai), right (khwa), straight ahead are also useful because even with Google, thai motorcycle and taxi drivers are often unable to read maps which means you either need to know a landmark or the slang name for the street, e.g. soi post office. 

if you can hold a basic conversation in Thai, it will help a lot. this might go,

Sawadee khrap, khun chu arai khrap? Hello, what is your name 

khun suay mak you are very beautiful

khun ayu tao-rai khrap? how old are you?

obviously there is a limit to how much time you are willing to put in but learning the basics is definitely worthwhile.


last  updated; 26 May 2017