You might be asking, how can I find a nice, “normal” girl in Thailand, someone like a college student or retail worker? Well, the answer is the “sideline girl”. This is a girl who does not work professionally, but instead, is in need of a short term sugar daddy. Unless you are fluent in Thai or live in a specific area of Bangkok namely Sukhumvit, this can be difficult to access for the uninitiated. Luckily, our guide will show you through the steps for finding a sideline girl in Thailand.

Everyone loves bar girls like you can find in Pattaya. They are awesome. But eventually in time they grow up and become bar ladies, and develop habits from their time spent smoking and drinking all day long. But did you ever ask yourself how Thai guys like to find a lady friend? The answer is quite apparent if you know about Thai culture. If you turn on the TV and watch some Thai dramas known as lakorn or stream the latest shows over the internet (e.g. then you will know the answer. In these kind of shows which are totally over-dramatised you can see a few scenes that actually represent real life and learn that Thais have a gik กิ๊ก which is like a f-ckbuddy, mistress or friends with benefits. That is one way that horny guys get their fix.

Another way is the sideline girl, sideliner, or dek sideline. เดก็ไซดไล Dek in Thai means child, but don’t worry, it’s not like that. These are typically university students who need money for tuition fees, car payments, a new phone, clothes, makeup… you get the idea. They are not interested in selling themselves as a full time job, not even for a few weeks at a time. Usually,  they get into it through a friend, who also acts as the agent, or there may be a male pimp involved who will basically just be the middleman. If this is the case you generally tell him your “spec” e.g. slim, big boobs, white skin, etc. and he goes and suggests two or three girls who may meet your requirements.

The alternative is to go on the internet and find sites like dek24, 24sideline etc. If you are stuck, find the name of your city in Thai and Google it. For example,  เดก็ไซดไล เชียงใหม่ is dek sideline Chiang Mai.  (read more vocabulary here) We highly recommend Chiang Mai since it’s basically a university town, it has the main campus of CMU plus several other universities that serve the entire northern part of Thailand, so students come there to study from other provinces and towns. That means there is a lot of competition for the lowly paid part time jobs that students usually want to do. So why wouldn’t a pretty girl take an easier way out? However, even if you aren’t in a large city, you can still have luck you just need to find an online message board that caters for your city. The larger forums have sections for the north-east, north, south of Thailand etc. (Read more about Chiang Mai in our guide)

The tools that you will need are LINE, Google translate and a basic knowledge of Thai is helpful. If you have a male friend who is Thai, they can help you by handling the phone calls for you, otherwise you will have to use LINE and a translation app. As you can see in the screen shots here, when you make contact the girl will send you some details about herself and her price, in this case, 2000 baht for  hour. This girl was actually a student from Bangkok, who came up to Chiang Mai for a holiday and the chance to make some money on the side. We told her the name of the hotel I wanted to meet her at, and the time 20.00 which is 8pm in regular time. (read more about apps here)

The next thing you will need is a venue for your activities. There are short time hotels in all Thai cities that cater for the low budget market, basically just concrete shacks with a bed in it. Pimps drive in and out on motorbikes carrying girls and customers. In Chiang Mai and throughout Thailand there are short time hotels that cater for every budget, even the hiso (“high social”) guys with new Mercedes or Ducatis. In Thai ม่านรูด is the term for a short time hotel or curtain hotel, so-called because an attendant literally closes the curtain or garage door behind your car after you drive in. There are a range of short time hotels to suit every budget, from the cheap to the fancy. I chose Love Boat which is a fun themed hotel with nice rooms that have aircon and a nice tub. Each of the rooms at Love Boat have a different theme.

If you are lucky, the staff at the short time hotel might know some sideline girls they can call for you, otherwise you will have to bring your own.

This is a very “Thai” way of finding a companion. Most girls will not be expecting a foreigner and may even refuse you even if you speak Thai. If you cannot speak any Thai at all then you might not have a good time. Sideline girls will also not generally be willing to do everything that you can do with an experience bar girl because remember, these are usually ‘good’ girls. I said usually because there are also the kind of girls you see at RCA or Warm Up cafe, dancing sexily and dressing slutty, that know a thing or two in the bedroom department. (read more about Bangkok/RCA/Nana here)

Is it worth all the effort when you can just go to a body massage spa and get the same thing without the investment of time and effort to set it all up? Well that is up to you. It is worth trying as an experience and you will meet girls that are definitely different from the type you would encounter in a beer bar or other night life venue or night clubs.

Also check out our article on b2b massage girls. If you have seen our guide on “pretty massage”  you will know that these kind of clubs are also popular with students seeking to make extra money. These places can be found all over Thailand, even in far flung provinces like Ubon or Songkhla. Give it a try.

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