Walking Street aka the second best street in Pattaya!! home to Pattaya’s highest concentration of a go go bars. this format is unique to Thailand, well I guess you could also make a case for Angeles City but Pattaya is far superior. Walking street also features as night clubs such as insomnia, the renovated Lucifer, the Pier and Mixx, sports bars, live music bars such as Stones House (just by the entrance), Rolling Live6, pharmacies, restaurants money exchange and clothing shops. At night there is also plenty of street food vendors around. Walking Street is the night ‘hub’ of Pattaya and the place to be after the sun goes down.

There are now Western fast food outlets like McDonalds and Subway further along the street towards soi 16, as well as kebab shops, ice cream parlours and everything else that you might want. There are many seafood restaurants that you can visit that are floating on platforms over the sea so you can enjoy looking out onto the boats on Pattaya bay and the island in the distance.

Some famous agogo clubs include Mandarin, Baccara, Sensations, Happy, Windmill and more. The current hottest club is possibly Palace, with big crowds and special promos like Geisha night and 90 baht drinks night. Other new venues include Tantra, Bliss lounge, Taboo, G-spot and more. Girls will be stationed outside each club, inviting passerby to come inside and have a drink. You can hear the familiar phrase, “Hello welcome!” or even just “Welcome!” as you walk by. Door girls are usually drawn from the staff working inside however some clubs specifically hire more attractive ladies to work the door, beware of the possible bait and switch.

It is easy for the new visitor to be overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells of Walking Street. You can commonly see this on the expressions of the Chinese tour groups coming through, clutching their bum bags and following a flag-waving guide. Recently, the neon signs  were ordered by the authorities to be removed, but like many official directives this seems to have fallen on deaf ears (Oct 2017).

Generally, walking street gogos will have ladies wearing anything from skimpy shorts and a crop top to bikinis, coyote style. A few gogos have topless dancers and a handfull are fully naked such as Windmill and Sugarbaby. It is up to you what you find appealing but the most common by far is coyote, you can find these in every gogo on walking street. Another category is the service staff, some bars have “hostesses” who do not dance but their job is to get you to by drinks and make you feel comfortable, they will encourage you to pick a girl on the stage also. Beware that hostesses may not be bar fineable, that is, they are not obligated to go outside with customers.

If you are tight on funds, many gogos also have happy hour promotions for cheap draft beer. You can usually see girls standing outside with signs proclaiming that night’s special deal. If you are confused you can always ask her for help. If the venue is not full, then you will most likely be fine just buying a cheap draft beer. Although there is no door fee, buying a drink is the price of admission so even if you prefer not to drink beer, then buying a draft beer is the cheapest way to get in the door, sit a while and enjoy the show. Most likely no one will care if you are not drinking your drink.

You can also find tourist police posts at regular intervals in case you run into any trouble. You will often see large tourist groups coming through here as well all taking photos. Prices are generally high with barfines hovering around the 800-1000 mark and ST from 2000-3000. Lady drink prices vary with some clubs having complicated tiers according to whether the girl is coyote, model, “supermodel” etc. It can be hard to know but ask the staff so you don’t get a shock when you pay your bill.

There is a ladyboy and foreign worker presence e.g. dark skinned girls from Africa, generally confined to a specific location near i-bar/Insomnia nightclub. Don’t worry as you won’t be hassled, this area is well monitored and authorities are keen to keep a lid on any trouble with regular foot patrols by tourist police.

There are also spruikers on the street who have cards written in English and diagrams of “shows” that you can go and watch. Do not under any circumstances go with one of these guys!! As you would expect it is a scam and a large amount of money will be extorted from you before you leave. If you want to see a show ask the door staff at the gogo what time the show is. Most gogos have shows at a set time such as 10.00pm etc. Venues that are known for their shows include Angelwitch.

If you find yourself alone at 3 or 4 am, then the best bet is to hit up one of the nightclubs such as Insomnia, or Marine disco (beware of ladyboys in Marine). there you will find many freelancers and other girls who have knocked off work in the bars seeking customers on the side.

Remember if you have been drinking the songtaew is a cheap (10 baht) way to get back to your hotel or a motorbike taxi to anywhere in Pattaya will not be more than 100 baht (unless you are being ripped off). You can get a normal car or van taxi, but be prepared to pay too much for this.

read about sideline girls or soi 6 bars instead.